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The Benefits of Choosing a Nanny Share as Your Child Care Option

The Benefits of Choosing a Nanny Share as Your Child Care Option

With a nanny share, your child will get individual attention while socializing with other kids.

As a parent, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is who will care for your child when you can’t. For most, that means choosing between a nanny and day care center while Mom and Dad are at work. But why not consider a third option such as a nanny share? It’s a new trend on the rise—two or more families employ one nanny and share the cost of her or his salary. It’s a solution that offers the best of having a nanny and sending your child to a child care center.

Here are the top three benefits of participating in a nanny share with another family.

Significant savings: The cost of the nanny’s salary is shared across two or more families, which means the financial burden one family bears is usually significantly lower than any other child care options available.

Individual attention: In a nanny-share setup, the nanny cares for two or more children (but not too many), which provides a more intimate environment than day care centers. This allows the nanny to give each of the children more individual attention every day than they would likely receive at a child-care facility.

Socialization: In addition to the individual attention your child will receive, she’ll also gain the benefits of socializing with the other kids involved in the nanny share. It’s like getting the best of both worlds.

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