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On The Blogroll: Mommy Delicious

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Blogging From: Brooklyn

Alicia Harper tells us that all she wants is to inspire someone. As a very hard working, single mother living in New York City with her 5-year-old son, Alicia has a lot on her plate.

During the first years of raising her kid, she was enrolled in graduate school and can now call herself a three-time Columbia University graduate with a bachelor's in psychology, and MA and EdM, both in Psychological Counseling. Pregnancy was in no way part of Alicia’s plan after graduating, but her blog Mommy Delicious is so named because she has found so many delicious moments raising her son.

Today, Alicia is working at a new position as a counselor. With a new job, comes new stress, but she makes sure to find ways to spend quality time with her son. Starting off, she used weekends to get ahead on work, but nowadays she unplugs from the work world, turns off the BlackBerry, and hangs out with her kid and her friends. She takes him to plays, for longs walks, finds ways to pick him up from school, and most importantly uses every moment as teachable ones.

Her goal is to pass on her love for reading to him and so uses every chance she gets to have him read something. On those days when she has to stay late for work, though, instead of feeling guilty for missing out on being with her son, Alicia reminds herself that she has to be an example of what hard work can accomplish. — Gordon Rago

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